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Boerhavia Diffusa: A Natural Cure For COVID-19

Boerhavia Diffusa: A Natural Cure For COVID-19

What is Boerhavia diffusa common name ?

Boerhaavia diffusa is a four-o'clock family flowering plant that is also known as Punarnava, Red Spiderling, Spreading Hogweed, or Tarvine.

It is well-known medicinal plant in traditional Indian medicine as well as other parts of world, for example, Southern American and African continent.

Boerhavia diffusa

Boerhavia diffusa benefits

Boerhavia diffusa has capabilities such as antiaging, reestablishing youth, strengthening life and cognitive function, and disease prevention, all of which imply that they raise the body's resilience to any onslaught, offering hepatoprotection and immunomodulation.

Boerhavia diffusa phytochemical properties

The roots are the source of a novel class of Isoflavonoids known as 

  • Rotenoids,
  • Flavonoids, 
  • Flavonoid glycosides, 
  • Xanthones, 
  • Purine nucleoside, 
  • Lignans, 
  • Ecdysteroids, 
  • Sterol (Boerhavisterol)

Boerhavia diffusa fight COVID-19

The present study shows the major phytochemicals of B.diffusa namely Bioquercetin, Biorobin , Boerhavisterol was concluded that possess potential therapeutic properties against COVID-19.

Journal reference:

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