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About US

CS Leaflabs Sdn Bhd provides premium supplements  to help our clients enhance their quality of life through plant based formulation.

The aim of CS Leaflabs is to be the chosen company of choice for guided nutritional requirements and to expand throughout Southeast Asia during the next 5 years.

Our products are created by its co-founder, Dr.Jiju Jayachandran, an experienced physician with over 14 years of experience and CEO, Dr. Sathiakumar Subramaniam.

Taking on the mission of doing good and raising awareness in the community - We choose to empower men and women all around the world to preserve their health and happiness!

Each of our products undergoes years of research before it is released..

AYUR LIN™ Capsule, the first product launched, comprises 13 plant based active natural ingredients  that are rich with antioxidants. It suitable for adults who want to maintain a a healthy body.

AYUR ALPHA Capsule is a specially formulated plant-based traditional product containing 9 active natural ingredients extract. Traditionally used for men who want to improve and maintain their energy and vitality.

Feminira s a luxurious blend of herbs has been created with purest ingredients  to help regulate your hormones and nourish woman body from the inside out. This 100% natural, safe and effective powder supplement will help to regulate your period cycle, manage premenopausal symptoms , help in hormonal imbalance, improve skin health and  good sleep.

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